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tv   BBC World News America  PBS  October 20, 2017 5:30pm-6:01pm PDT

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♪ >> this is "bbc world news." >> funding of this presentation is made possible by the freeman foundation and kovler foundation, pursuing solutions for america's neglected needs. >> planning a vacation escape that is relaxing, inviting, and exciting is a lot easier than you think. you can find it here, in aruba. families, couples, and friends can all find their escape on the island with warm sunny days,
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cooling trade winds, and the crystal blue caribbean sea. nonstop flights are available from most major airports. more information for your vacation planning is available at >> and now, "bbc world news." >> this is bbc world news america reporting from washington. two former presidents speak out against decisiveness in politics. the white house says the comments weren't directed at president trump. a new round of fighting breaks out between the iraqi army and kurdish forces. the healing process starts, one ballet company continuing in the wake of tragedy. ♪
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>> welcome to world news america. the white house is dispelling claims that two former presidents comments were critical of donald trump. his predecessor george w. bush and president obama made appearances yesterday expressing concerns over the current political climate. meanwhile president trump started criticism calling crime radical terrorism. we report. >> it was just before dawn when most americans were still sleeping when the president tweeted about crime figures, then giving the impression that this was from a official report he uses quotation marks to say the crime rate raises annually over islamic terrorism. then he went on. we must keep america safe. the figures he refers to were
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just for wales. nowhere in the crime survey is islamic terrorism. nevertheless it will have a affect on the united states. because his travel ban has failed again. it will have to come here to the supreme court to be resolved after it was drop by the lower courts. in the last 24 hours two former presidents without mentioning his name took aim and fired a unmistakable broadside. >> bigotry seems emboldened outright fabrications. >> we have folks who are deliberately trying to make people angry. to demonize people who have different ideas.
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to get the base all riled up. it provides us a short-term tactical advantage. >> there was friendly fire to this is the republican speaker of the house paul ryan at the charity dinner. >> i know this year donald trump offended some people. i know his comments went too far. some said it was unbecoming of a public figure. they said his comments were offensive. thank god he has learned his lesson. [laughter] >> the president wasn't there it would have been interesting to see if he would have laughed. >> joining me now to discuss all of this is a white house columnist for the hill. thank you very much for joining me. two former presidents criticizing the current state of american politics. how unusual is that? >> it is very unusual. generally we do not expect past
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presidents to get into the fray in such a strong fashion. i think it points to the this -- dislike of the rhetoric of president trump. this is clearly something they were undressing. -- addressing. >> you mentioned president trump we have heard from the white house that he was not actually the subject of their comments. >> i think that is very rational to be honest. no one has any doubt who was in their sites. >> it has been a interesting week for the president, criticized over comments he may or may not have said about a fallen soldier. how does this leave the white house at the end of the week? >> anytime a issue like this
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arises there is a large portion that is extremely loyal to president trump. he still has very high approval ratings with them. controversy like this do sap his popularity further and further with the general population. he is already at very low approval ratings by global standards. >> as you say there are many people who are warm to these kind of controversies, warm may be the wrong word. >> they feel that the media is against him. they don't particularly want to get into the finer points of the debate. they are personally loyal to him. tend to regard criticism coming from a place of bias really. >> is this the new normal ending with a controversy? >> certainly there has been
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enormous controversy during this administration. things have been on a scale of what we have not seen before. it is a big deal. >> thank you very much for joining us. the u.s. urging the iraqi government to ease the situation in car cup. heavy clashes have brought out in iraq between kurdish forces and the iraqi armed forces. fighting comes after a kurdish referendum. they have now moved to a town. we have a correspondent on the front line. >> hundreds of kurdish forces heading into battle this morning. the fighting breaking out with the iraqi army and their militia allies around this major highway. between the kurdish capital and k. oil rig city of kirku
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the fear is this could mark the beginning of the civil war. >> the shia militia and the american weapons fire on the peshmerga. we will defend ourselves and we will not break. >> the kurds do seem to be fighting a rearguard action here with the iraqi armed forces pushing up the highway towards them and towards the kurdish capital. the government says they are trying to establish control over this territory. soon there advance will be there. you can see all these vehicles are driving fast and people are fleeing. they are moving closer and closer, they are getting a direct hit of the peshmerga.
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already there has been casualties. this fighter with shrapnel wounds in his back and had was -- had was one of several men being treated here before being taken by ambulance to a hospital. in less than a week since they first witnessed a disputed territory being taken back by the iraqi forces. that had been without bloodshed until now. today could prove to be a turning point. bbc news in northern iraq. spokere on this ice -- i to the middle east director of the center of strategic and international studies. thank you very much for joining us. we saw just been we may be at a turning point for the civil war. what is your take on that? >> i think everybody is trying to turn away from civil war. when i was in kurdistan and
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baghdad in august i got a sense that this was a game of chicken that the kurds wanted a better negotiating position. they thought the referendum would advance that. i think it has its advance. they are not trying to calibrate and go from here. >> where do we go from here? >> i think they want a lot upon -- of autonomy. they are wondering how the financial deals will work out. the prime minister is running for reelection. he wants to run as the head of a united iraq. once he gets that i think he is going to have a conversation. the united states shares that goal. they had supported him because they have not gotten a lot of help from the kurds over the years. >> you talk about politics melting down. the u.s. and other western nations talk about the iraq having to come to a political
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agreement. you say things are melting down, where does that leave the situation? >> people are playing for keeps. what happens now is going to of fact -- in fact 10-15 years time this is when they feel a need to fight. i have confidence to keep this together. i think the prime minister and my feelings with them -- because he is not seeking complete control i think there is room and i think the kurds will find a way to get some of that. >> rex tillerson has for a trip. what you think the position will be now? >> one of the things he is doing in saudia arabia is attending a meeting between the joint commission that they have set up. it is a big deal for the united states.
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they have long supported reconstruction in iraq. there is a sense that the gulf states will help the sunni community feel more empowered. the government of iraq seems to be helping. what the secretary is trying to do is make iraq a more normal place with diplomacy. they have a long way to go. i think this will be a time when he can feel very good about where his relations. , iraqi relations are going. relations. >> afghan officials say nearly 60 people have been killed in two separate suicide attacks. the first attack a shia mosque in the capital. 30 nine people died and a number of others had been injured. elsewhere on another suicide bomber targeting a mosque killing a further 20. the u.s. state department raise the number of and is the officials are affected by those hearing infections in cuba. the u.s. does not directly blame
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the cubans for the attack. it has emphasized the responsibility to ensure they are in their territory. summit the eua president said trade negotiations could be opened in december. the final bill remains a major sticking point the prime minister is there. police in brazil say they have arrested more than 90 people and the biggest operation against pedophiles. suspects were arrested in 2014. saidlian justice minister they had shared pornographic images of children from their computers. >> tomorrow the government of spain is expected to dissolve the catalonian regional parliament.
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it is the latest escalation in the crisis over independents. the prime minister said today the situation reached a critical point. we report. >> catalonia is the region next door. plastered all over the city and the streets are a statement of spanish unity. >> this far a shrine to the national police force. the spanish government should have intervened a long time ago. this former spanish soldier tells me. a group of tourists agree. >> there have been too many concessions given to the government. it hurts me she says because it is creating a atmosphere of hate in spain.
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caught in the middle are those patrolling the streets. they are part of the regional catalonian police force. tomorrow madrid will set out their plan on exerting more control on the strand of catalonian by comedy. >> we are caught up in a political order. we are not politicians. we are policeman. >> after spanish national police disputed the referendum emotions have been running high. we met a woman comforting her mother the next day. now horrified that madrid may take control. >> i don't want violence. i don't want a war. we will do it. it is my future and my parents future. >> the argument popular in place is simple.
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catalonia is part of spain with -- says this university professor. madrid has to act. >> catalan nationalist you not have the power to decide on behalf of all people. i will never accept being a foreigner in catalonia. >> the country which has been glued together is nervous. this british government has a strategy. they risk further fracture in society with many and that region and the rest of spain. from bbc news in spain. >> you are watching bbc world news america. still to come. can the songbird be saved?
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how this its threatening their very existence. ♪ >> after hurricane maria devastated puerto rico the u.s. is still providing basic services like electricity and running water. 34 people were killed by the storm. the cost of the cleanup is high. hasmayor of san juan criticized president trump's handling of the crisis. she has been speaking about this program. >> in one of his tweets he said lesspuerto rico is more or broken. it has broken infrastructure. that is factually incorrect. they are not. tell us something we didn't know? what is incorrect is for a president that is supposed to be commander in chief to become the hater in chief.
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that is what is incorrect. >> cubic think it has become personal for you? do you think it became too personal? grexit is personal. when my people are being treated like this. he was the one who is aiming at us. so i and the going to start a fight but i will not check away from this when my people are in danger or fighting for their life. waterou deny people clean you are denying them human rights. it is not enough. it is not giving people what they need.
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when you are changeable to a legislation that does not allow you to be helped. ♪ >> and 2015 charleston was shaken by the shooting of a people at the methodist church. with growing racial tensions across the country one ballet company feels this is enough to unify people. they are trying to heal the community in the aftermath. ♪ >> the gunmen had been sitting inside this historic african-american church. before standing up and opening fire. >> we are talking about a caucasian killing blacks.
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>> arcand kind of disarmed people and open them up to have a discussion about being on the defense or offense. after i first heard about the tragedy there was almost this disbelief. >> prayer vigils under the nine lives lost after the shooting of the historic church. >> racism is so rampant now it is just like it was in the 50's. we are seeing those things all over again. >> we are trying to make sense of what happened at the church. >> i was so overwhelmed that how forgiving the family was. i wanted that to come to the forefront.
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that was such a powerful message. >> we have already forgiven him. >> i am a little bitter but i am overwhelmed with love. >> i went over boundaries of where to go and how the families will be represented. it was a homage to them. art is the greatest way to change because it liberates and often things that cannot be said or cannot tangibly be communicated will be felt. we needed this. >> i am one of the only black girls in a white environment it has been very obvious that there has been very obvious that there is this tension. the divide and tension may be a little stronger.
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>> >> i feel like everyone can take something different from the same performance. people can have a different viewpoint or feeling about it. >> people are speaking to each other not at one another. i think listening is important to do. >> that story is part of a global questions special that premieres tomorrow. indonesia's passion for songbird is causing a major problem and is threatening creatures into existence. with the number of the birds dwindling. those in conservation groups are starting to join forces. the gloria guilt reports from the island of java.
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>> in the deep slopes of java our guide knows the forest inside and out. it is where he makes his living. show me how you make a bird trap? [foreign language] where would the birds go? [foreign language] quincy no longer hunts, he is now a conservationist. songbirds are still trapped in vast numbers. in jakarta the largest wildlife market in asia. up to 16,000 birds can be found for sale here in a single day. the vast majority will have been caught from the wild.
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it is that constant harvesting by the thousands that they are really driving them towards this extension that extinction process. the irony is that demand is driven by a national passion for the songbird. unfold display at this bird singing competition. it is now at a tipping point. >> this bird may be the only one left of its kind on the planet. >> this may be the last of its kind? >> yes. >> it is one of 19 species identified by a global movement to be on the brink of extinction. that is why many are on the effort to save this endangered songbird. by taking them out of the wild and into captive groups. >> if we do nothing these creatures will all but go extinct in the next decade. we are going to do everything we possibly can to try and save the species.
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>> the search is now on for safe habitats to find these birds. they are being set free and a public safari park. with the species now down to 100 individuals. their long-term future depends on human intervention. bbc news, java. >> before we go a letter written on the titanic expected to fetch up to $100,000 tomorrow. homes written as he headed to his wife. it is one of a number of items being auctioned. out all of to find the rest of the news you can posit -- visit our website. thank you very much for joining us on bbc world news america. have a great weekend. ♪
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captioning sponsored by newshour productions, llc >> sreenivasan: good evening. i'm hari sreenivasan. judy woodruff is away. on the newshour tonight: the senate passes a $4 trillion budget measure, creating a path for president trump's tax plan. then, after isis, u.s.-backed forces take a key city from the terror group. what's next on the ground there. and, it's friday. mark shields and david brooks on the politics of gold star families, and rare comments from former u.s. presidents. plus, activism and art. jeffrey brown talks with ai weiwei about his focus on the global refugee crisis. >> i'm always interested in the issues which relate to most people, what affects our humanity today, and what is our politics in relating to those issues. >> sreenivasan: all that a


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